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Professional Maryland Piano Teacher Biography

Amy Taylor obtained her Kodaly Certification from the Hartt School of Music, and studied extensively with Dr. Randal Woodfield, Nancie Kennedy and Katalin Stapelfeldt. She is a classically trained pianist and vocalist. She has performed with The Baltimore Choral Arts Society and The Morgan State University Choir, and was a vocalist for performances with Dave Brubeck and The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Amy has studied piano and musical literacy since the age of four and has been playing flute since 1995. In addition to flute, she also plays fife, ocarina, and hands. Amy served as the first Director of The Maryland Academy of Music at the time of its inception in 2004.

Teaching is now her passion and in addition to private lessons she also directed the after-school Children’s Chorus at Ridgeway Elementary School and taught Early Childhood music and Musical Literacy for The Children’s Chorus of Maryland under the direction of Betty Bertaux, preparing the choristers for performances at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall and Carnegie Hall. She has been giving private lessons since 2002.

Amy Taylor resides in Howard County and teaches in the Central Maryland Area. For a more extensive list of Amy’s qualifications and experience please view her piano teacher resumé.

Amy Taylor

Professional Maryland Piano Teacher Resumé



Each piano lesson is designed to cultivate a love of music.


Each piano lesson is designed to cultivate a love of music.