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Amy Taylor Piano Teaching Philosophy

Professional Maryland Piano Teacher

Anyone can learn to play the piano. Talent can be developed. The idea that says “talent was dished out to some people, and not to others” is simply false. When a student possess the determination to master a particular song or instrument, it can be accomplished. Music must always be taught by a piano teacher in a sequential manner, so that each concept builds a foundation for the next. I enjoy being able to take the complex elements of music and simplify them for a piano student, in a way that is easy to grasp and understand.

It’s important to remember that each piano student is different. During the piano lessons I adapt my teaching style to each pupil in a unique way. I also like to build on the strengths of my students. I encourage them to do more of the things they are good at. This way, they gain confidence for working on the challenging aspects of the instrument. Building proper technique is the scaffolding for every pianist, but the love of music is the foundation.

~ Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor

Professional Maryland Piano Teacher Resumé



Each piano lesson is designed to cultivate a love of music.


Each piano lesson is designed to cultivate a love of music.