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Beginner Piano Lessons

As a beginner you probably have a lot of questions about what you will be learning and how the process works. This will give you a glimpse into the foundational building blocks need as you begin this wonderful journey of learning to play piano. 

Beginner Technique

Good technique allows you to play the piano beautifully and gracefully. How to position your hands, the distance you sit from the keys along with proper wrist techniques and more are introduced. Unfortunately, without proper technique, bad habits can lead to  physical problems such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel.


Learn To Read Music

Your options for musical expression will increase with the ability to read music. So I’ve compiled a method to quickly understand the lines, spacing, and staff and more, which will then enable you to pick up any piece of music and play it. 


Basic Piano Theory

Music theory is a bit like math, and if you don’t understand it, you will be a very confused musician. My method of teaching piano theory will uncover how notes belong in chords and how they function in very specific ways. Giving you the birds eye perspective on music as a whole.


How To Write Music

There is nothing like playing your own music. So for those of you who want to write music, I will take you through the steps of composing melodies in a simple way. In no time, you will be taking that tune you’ve been humming to yourself and turn it into a beautiful piano piece.


How To Practice 

How you practice is just as important as practicing itself. As you progress in skill, how you practice will change along with your skill level. Without understanding the best way to practice, you can become stagnant in your growth. I make sure this never happens, by adjusting your style to your skill.


Piano Scales

Scales are the building blocks of all music. Learning to play them properly will enable you to move up and down the keyboard with agility and speed. Learning the scales will enable you to play both classical or pop music, as you prefer.

Let's Work Together

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