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Student Spotlight

Name: Alexander W.



Age: 14



Years studying piano: 5

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“Humoresque” performed by Alexander W. From Piano Adventures Level 3B Lesson Book by Nancy and Randall Faber. Copyright © Dovetree Productions, Inc. Used with permission.

Song: Humoresque
Song: Kwela No. 1

“Kwela no. 1” performed by Alexander W. From Piano Music of Africa and the African Diaspora, compiled and edited by William H. Chapman Nyaho. Copyright © Oxford University Press 2007. Used with permission.

What do you do in your free time?

I have played basketball, soccer, and baseball, but I like basketball the best. In my free time (when I'm not playing the piano), I enjoy playing Minecraft and Roblox.

I also enjoy traveling. My top three places to visit have been CocoCay, New York City, and Alaska.

What led you to decide to take piano lessons?

I took violin in 3rd grade, and that got me into music. Then one day, I told my Mom that I wanted to learn piano, so my Mom signed me up for lessons. I had seen piano at church, school, and concerts and knew I wanted to play it.

What have you learned so far?


A lot of music theory, chords, scales, 7th chords, a lot of songs.

What are you most proud of in piano?


Being able to play very difficult songs.

What are your biggest accomplishments?


Kwela - sounds nice and is different from most of the other piano music I’ve heard.

What is the hardest part about piano?


The beginning of learning a new song. It’s completely new, you aren’t used to it and haven’t done anything in the song.

Is it worth it? 


Yes! You get to hear the song you’ve been practicing without any mistakes.

If you could give advice to someone contemplating piano lessons, what would that be?


Start off easy with chords and scales, then you can learn songs.

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