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Learning Piano at 50

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Congratulations, you're about to take part in something really special that you’ve wanted to do for a long time. You are about to make your dreams a reality.

You Have An Advantage Learning Piano At 50

  1. It’s important to dispel the myth that children learn quicker than adults. Learning piano at 50 comes with unique advantages. As an adult, you have your frontal lobes developed, and you can process things faster. This fast processing speed is one reason you will be successful playing the piano at age 50.

  2. Another advantage you have is that you are personally invested in the instrument, whereas some kids tend to play piano only because their parents make them. But as an adult, you want to learn, and that will carry you far.

  3. Your age gives you a winning edge because you have a unique perspective on life. You are a wise person, and because you can be kind to yourself, you will learn much faster. For example, when you are learning piano at 50 and make a mistake, you will take it in stride, and you won't be hard on yourself. You won't be hard on yourself for messing up a note or a chord. And people who can let go of mistakes learn much faster because they aren't fixated on perfection.

The Advantage of Learning Piano at 50

According to Christopher Melinosky, MD, an assistant professor at the University of South Florida, learning an instrument, such as piano, can stay off dementia and memory loss.

Life experience also plays into how well you play. Tapping into the emotional experiences of life can be one of the things that will affect the style that you place.

Another reason you will be successful is that over the years, you have listened to hundreds of thousands of more hours of music than the average young person, and listening to music will deepen your ability to play with artistry. Playing with artistry is imbuing the music with emotion, connecting emotion to the music. It allows other people to really get lost in your music. That’s what we all want, for music to transport us and transcend the humdrum of reality around us. If you are a good listener of music, you will use your music to transcend the monotonous.

What To Expect When Learning Piano At 50

When I meet with you, I would ask you what you love because what you love will dictate the direction I teach.

Everyone needs to know fundamentals, but when you get past that, your personality will become the driving force behind the repertoire you choose.

What that means is, if you have a gregarious, fun, outgoing personality, you might be the type of person who likes to play intense bombastic music with chords and fast rhythms.

Or you might be the kind of person who expresses their personality with a certain subtlety. Perhaps you are reserved or shy or don’t open up to strangers right away. You might prefer pieces that are more melody-driven and have a lot of arpeggios in the left hand. You might lean towards playing more ethereal music.

The spectrum of music styles is broad, and whoever you are will influence where you fall on the spectrum of hundreds of different types of music.

Piano Lessons For Adults Over 50

You want to work with someone who has experience providing piano lessons for adults over 50 because the communication style the teacher uses with adults is different from what they use with kids. If you have a teacher who has worked with adults, the style of lessons will be very collaborative, so you have a say over the direction of the piano lesson. And that is to your advantage because you can learn more if the lessons are, in part, self-directed.

Your piano teacher needs to understand your needs and a strategy to meet you where you are at in your musical journey. Will your teacher be kind and compassionate when you make mistakes? Will they adapt to the pace of your learning? What matters most is the relationship with the teacher because that relationship can really inspire you. We become like the people around us, and if you like being around your teacher, you are setting yourself up for success.

If you are interested in hearing more about my piano method for adults over 50, please feel free to contact me.

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