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How to do an online piano lessons

What makes for the best online piano lessons?

Preparation is key. You’ll need three things: A good piano or keyboard on which to learn, the music your teacher recommends, and a good tripod for your phone or iPad. Ipads are better for lessons because the bigger screen allows you to see what your teacher is doing, but phones work in a pinch. You’ll want to position the iPad or phone slightly to the side and behind the piano keys to get the best angle so your teacher can see what you are doing as you play. Your teacher can help you figure this out in your first lesson. Your teacher will want to be able to see you as well as the keyboard so they can keep an eye on your posture, correct pedaling techniques, and arm movements as you play.

What To Avoid With Online Piano Lesson

Make sure you avoid hiring a piano teacher who has no experience providing online lessons. An experienced teacher will know what to look for in your playing, will help keep you on track, and will know exactly where they want to take you. A good teacher should be able to correct small things, such as your fingering, and will pay close attention to details.

As a student, you’ll need to remember to take notes throughout the lesson about what you are learning and what your teacher is trying to accomplish with you. That way you can practice during the week. Without a list of assignments and goals to accomplish during the week, you will drift along without any clear direction and you won’t be prepared for your next lesson.

Which is better, keyboard or piano?

Both keyboards and pianos serve different purposes. Pianos are always going to be better for overall sound quality and tone. Playing an acoustic piano can make you feel more alive because you can feel every vibration of the instrument in your fingertips as you play.

If your budget does not allow for an acoustic piano, an electronic piano or keyboard is your next best bet. It’s important to get a keyboard that is as similar to a piano as possible. Your keyboard must have 88 keys and each key must be weighted (it must give slight resistance to your touch). It’s also important to buy a keyboard with 3 pedals instead of just one. Some keyboards have no pedals - it’s important to stay away from these types of pianos. Even as a beginner, you will need pedals on your keyboard.

Online VS. In-Person Piano Lesson?

During a global pandemic, online lessons are a great way to pursue your dream of becoming a pianist without worrying about your health. It allows you to stay connected to what you love and to learn how to play songs that inspire you and lift your mood.

Online piano lessons are all about convenience. It’s much easier to schedule an online lesson than to schedule an in-person lesson. You can have an online lesson at virtually any time of the day or night. It saves you the hassle of needing to drive to a teacher’s home or having a teacher come to your home. You don’t have to worry about cleaning your home or making it presentable for your teacher. Everything is so much more laid back when doing online piano lessons.

It can be a lot less stressful as well, because your teacher isn’t looking over your shoulder, and having that distance can help calm any nervousness you may be feeling about lessons.

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